THE FINAL INCH This HBO documentary focuses on the efforts to eradicate polio in India. Click here to watch the HBO Documentary Film online.
THE FINAL INCH honors the extraordinary work, spirit and resilience of the millions of frontline workers in the Indian polio eradication program, which constitutes one of the "world's largest, non-military armies" in history. Lack of awareness is just one of many obstacles volunteers face. In addition, some Muslim families refuse the free vaccine (two drops taken orally) as a form of social protest against a system that deprives them of basic services such as clean water and sanitation. Other families resist on grounds that the vaccine is American-made and therefore not to be trusted. Despite the scale of the anti-polio offensive - some four million people are currently working to eradicate the disease in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan - personal issues such as trust may determine its ultimate success or failure. Click here to watch the HBO Documentary Film online.