Wheeling Rotary club District Simplified Grant Recipient

Due to the hard work of Tamiye Meehan our club was awarded a $1000 District Simplified Grant to help provide food for the Omni Youth Services Food Pantry in Wheeling.
Tamiyee Meehan was able to secure a District Simplified Grant for the Omni Yourth Services Food Pantry in Wheeling. The $1000 award along with our donation of $1000 will provide food for this worthly project. Each month two or three members go to ALDI in Wheeling and purchase staples such as flour, sugar, corn meal and rice and then deliver the food to the Food Pantry on Wolf Rd in Wheeling. Janice Vidrio says she enjoys going and shopping and delivering the food. We have gotten so efficient at shopping that we had to move back the time we meet as Omni was not opened to receive the food when we got there. Tamiye, Nancy and Erica round out the shopping crew. Jim Bradley says we all have black belts in shopping. The project will go on through September.